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/* === Vector Operations === */
/* Some operations like scalar product, linear operations, etc */
/* copyrights www.adrutsa.ru */

#include "math.h"

void ad_vo_copy(long int n, double * u, double * v); /* u = v */

double ad_vo_scalprod(long int n, double * v, double *u); /* return u*v */

void ad_vo_addline(long int n, double * v, double * u, double c); /* v = v + u*c */

void ad_vo_scalmult(long int n, double * v, double c); /* v = v*c */

double ad_vo_norm_l2(long int n, double * v); /* l_2 norm of the vector v */

double ad_vo_norm_l1(long int n, double * v); /* l_1 norm of the vector v */

double ad_vo_norm_max(long int n, double * v); /* max norm (l_infinity norm) of the vector v */
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